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Much of the content included in this campaign is a result of different talents coming together. Many people, whether they know it or not, have contributed in bring Primal Earth to life. I’d like to acknowledge these folks right here.

I am using the internet names of the people below. If you would like your actual full name and/or would like me to add a link to your personal work, please let me know.

FinFanFong for coming up with the original concept.

Will Silva for helping me develop the campaign. Check out Will’s illustration gallery.

My Shidrah campaign players: Fortuna, Inez, Mammal, Palladia, Stynkk, Xavros and Zyle for teaching me a whole lot about GMing. Check out Zyle’s satirical animated series.

The folks at the Paizo message boards for their great advice and ideas.

Shalandar for Superiorwork arms.

Mr. Fishy for caster strain.

Wolfhound for the great CSS tutorials. Check out his wicked Dresden Files Dallas campaign.

Arsheesh for the inventive HTML templates. Please visit his beautifully designed Age of Legends campaign.

Ladybug for her great ideas, support and occasional patience.

Paizo Publishing for supporting and improving upon 3.5 and building a wonderful community around their awesome RPG.

All of the artists that have contributed their work to this campaign without their knowing.


Primal Earth Hatchiman